There's another motto.

I am not that person who always study, like other people think.
I actually... hates studying. That's why I tend to pass every tests/exams I went so I wont do a double study (because that redo test /manthatsucks).

Many people ask why I could be such a smartass. Like, what's your method on studying and such. Maybe I write these stuff and then show to them so I wont taking much more time to think of their question.
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[[Espana/UK]] Of Tomato and Roses

Title: Of Tomato and Roses
Fandom: Gakuen Hetalia
Pairing/Characters: Espana/UK
Rating: G
Author : nakaisan 
Warning : Horrible English and FLUFFY. SO FLUFFY.
Summary : Cant you just read it =w=
Language : English –d’uhh-
Disclaimer All characters are the wonderful brainchildren of Hidekaz Himaruya. The characters and the situations in the fic are in no way intended to be a reflection upon the actual countries or the people who reside there.
Note : I made this after a year improving my English through roleplaying. This fic is for my roleplay mates that always curious about how I made Spain/UK fics, that they know from me that I’ve made tons of it to the Indonesian fandom. Posted this on the roleplaying community and they said my grammar is okay but not perfect. :I Enjoy reading, megumi_asakura ~! 

“Roses are…”
“Roses are..”
“Still tomatoes!”
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T09 Spain*UK fanfiction list and reader's guide.

What is 'ESPUK'?
well. if you want to read my fic, you should totally call the pairing : ESPUK.


Whose to top?
Usually, I prefer UK to top. but sometimes they get change in one sex activity.

Why Spain*UK fanfiction list?
because all the stories, solo or even group pair, I always pair UK with Spain EVEN the slightest.

T09's Spain*UK fanfiction list.
Reader's Guide.


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Vacation : Be back on 3 days

so Spain happened to put some tomatoes in my suitcase?
okay kidding, I dont bring a suitcase on my camp today.

Yeah, I'll be on camp for 3 days with my friends on the hill nearby, uhmm Puncak, Bogor.
So I wont be online for 3 days, and replies for comments here and thelandofnaara will be later.
Roleplays also~

I hope I didnt forgot to bring anything.
And I hope it would be a great time to spend.
Also, today (saturday) I'll receive my report card. hurp, play for me so I got good grades and not disappointing my parents! ^^

Ciao, dont miss me and say it obliviously like Spain did. He's just a sweet one right?

Matta ne~~
Have a happy holiday to everyone~~!!

Hide and Seek and Cranes.

This week, was suppose to be the week of class meeting.. which means students can feel free to attend or not, not really /shotdead we just /suggested/ to come.

So I decided to go to school today, purpose? to meet my friends and getting rid of this 'Bad student' feeling. My diligent student sense kind of protesting to me and it keep bugging me days before.

Why my friends?
Because I agreed for people who said spending their time with their friends are better.

My friends are fun and they care about me, the only reason why I am not part of those lonely people. Though I am still this introvert, but heh I still have nice friends.

so whenever I spend my time with them, I am feeling like updating blog and sharing with you guys!! ^^

Without them, today will be just a boring day when I am always complaining to go home. (My school, have restriction for going home even just class meeting. We are allowed to go home on the decided time. This time, the school allowed at 2.00 pm)

Well without my friend, I'd be totally get bored after the seminar.
Ffff I was so glad too there held a seminar about entrepreneurship from 8 am to 10 am.
Not really important because I found the speaker was annoying. lol but still I saved some notes on my cellphone for some tutorials he gave ^^

after that I totally spend the day with my friends.

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